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Welcome to Jellyfish Class

Welcome to you all joining Jellyfish Class in Reception. The teacher is Miss Ferreira and the teaching assistants are Mrs Power and Mrs Hoy. We are really looking forward to learning lots of new and exciting things this school year. In our class we are a family and we enjoy learning, playing and exploring together in our classroom and outdoor area. God is at the centre of all we do and we start and end each day with a prayer.


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Forensic Workshops

All children from Nursery to Year Two had the task of investigating a dog napping incident.  They learnt about DNA and how a crime scene is investigated.  They applied their knowledge and solved the crime and Year Two then went on to solve a “robbery”.  Learning about DNA was exciting and hands on; we definitely have some budding scientists in school.

During Science Week we observed how a runny egg white can be changed to a sticky foam (stiff peak).  The children tipped the egg upside down and saw that it did not move.  The children predicted which two colours needed to be mixed together to make new colours with paint.