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Visions and Values

We want to share the school's vision and values with you, please read the information below:

‘St. Joseph’s is a happy school celebrating God’s love for everyone through praying, learning, playing and growing together’


This is our mission statement and it is lived out through our children staff and parents.

Through love and in partnership with our parents and community, we share, inspire and motivate our children so they can be the best they can be. We believe passionately in education and strive to provide a rich and varied curriculum to enrich our children’s lives. We aim to provide the foundation so that every child becomes a life long learner.


As Catholic educators we strive to ensure children learn, not simply to excel academically but excel emotionally and care for each other. Our children learn to respect themselves, respect each other and the world around them. We are proud of our children and all they achieve. They are our finest ambassadors.


I hope you will come to visit us and see for yourself how we seek to develop each individual's character and talents by encouraging our children to grow in God's love.


Ruth Boon