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Year 2 Sharks Class

Welcome to Sharks Class


Welcome everyone! It is a new start to a very exciting year for Year 2, Sharks class. Your teacher is Mr Byleveldt, the teaching assistant is Mrs Hill and the trainee teacher is Mrs Maza.


Year 2 is a very important year filled with interesting and very exciting activities. Learning, playing and growing into confident and enthusiastic learners is all part of your journey throughout this year. Let us all work really hard and always try your best to make Sharks class an enjoyable and exciting learning environment, where above all we work, grow and learn through the love of God.


Year Two

Year 2 walked to Jubilee Park to experiment with a rocket, coke and Mentos. We took turns to predict what would happen if we filled he rocket with a lot of water, just a bit of water or no water. We were amazed by how far in the air the rocket could go just using the force of the water and air the teachers pumped in. We did the Mentos challenge with coke and with lemonade. The coke worked much better and the mixture of the Mentos and the bubbles from the fizzy coke made it all explode out of the bottle.

Crime Scene Investigation Workshop

Year Two loved being forensic scientists for the day to solve the crime of a stolen laptop. They found the suspect using the clues he left behind including footprints, fingerprints and DNA. The children worked together in groups to solve the crime and the leaders of the workshop were impressed with their scientific knowledge!

Forensic Workshops

All children from Nursery to Year Two had the task of investigating a dog napping incident.  They learnt about DNA and how a crime scene is investigated.  They applied their knowledge and solved the crime and Year Two then went on to solve a “robbery”.  Learning about DNA was exciting and hands on; we definitely have some budding scientists in school.

Our new book corner

Our new book corner 1
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