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Our Staff

St Joseph's Catholic Infant School and Nursery have a dedicated team of teaching and non-teaching staff, who work together to meet the needs of our children.  
Leadership Team 

M. D’Souza              Acting Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead

A. Belveldt                Assistant Headteacher & Designated  Safeguarding Lead           

R. Patel                    Key Stage 1 Lead & Designated Safeguarding Lead

A. Nogales                EYFS Lead & Designated Safeguarding Lead 
Nursery - Dolphins

A. Nogales                   Nursery Teacher

E. Bialek                      Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor

J. Garry                       Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor

Reception - Jellyfish 

G. Ferreira                  Reception Class Teacher

B. Pietak                     Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor

J. Hill                          Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor

Reception - Seahorses

E. Tombs                     Reception Class Teacher

A. Gallagher                Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor

K. Wieckowska           Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor
Year 1- Penguins

R. Patel                       Year 1 Class Teacher

D. Yeboah                   Trainee Teacher

Year 1 - Seals

E. Lykoura                   Year 1 Class Teacher

A. Gardener                Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor

Year 2- Whales 

C. Herda                     Year 2 Class Teacher

B. Stanczykiewicz       Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor

Year 2- Sharks

A. Belveldt                  Year 2 Class Teacher

Z. Sukutiene               Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor

Office Staff

S. Neal                     Admin Assistant                

J. Ammonies            Admin Assistant                

M. Power                 Finance Officer
Other Staff Members

Mr. Grunt             Site Manager       

Mrs Cox               Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

Mr Krbalko           Sports Coach       

Mrs. Gaston         Onsite Cook

Mr Hill                  Breakfast Club