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Year 1 Penguins Class

Welcome to Penguin Class


Welcome to you all joining Penguins Class in Year One. The teacher is Mrs Bharakhda and the teaching assistant is Mrs Gardener. We are really looking forward to learning lots of new and exciting things this school year. In our class we are a family and we enjoy learning, playing and exploring together in our classroom and outdoor area. God is at the centre of all we do and we start and end each day with a prayer.


"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."

Key Stage One Historic Character Day

On 30th October Key Stage One stepped back in time.  Children had to research a character that has influenced the world that we live in today.

We welcomed Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King to name but a few. We had Knight's, Queen's, Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, Christopher Columbus to name but a few.

Please enjoy our photographs - can you guess who we are?

Learning at St. Joseph’s is hands on and interactive. Children are engaged, enthusiastic and clearly enjoy the challenges they encounter.

Learning is not just about books and pencils; it is about people and real life experiences.

Every person at St. Joseph’s Catholic Infant School (including staff) is a learner.

Penguins class have been learning about Baptism in Religious Education. They have been exploring and discussing what happens during a baptism and why. The children  used their own doll so that they could re-enact a baptism in class.

The first week has been an interesting week for the children and teachers in Penguin class. We have learnt many new things like names, routines, rules and sharing. We look forward to learning many more things this year.

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