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St Joseph’s Catholic Infant School’s is a community that values both academic excellence and the achievement of one’s personal best, right through from our Rising Threes in Nursery to our Year Two children.

Creating the right attitude to learning from a young age will help to create a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

We do not try to rush our children towards learning. We allow them to be attracted by it. Our role is to channel the children’s energy into a pathway that leads to continuous development. This is delivered through a broad and balanced curriculum, activities, play times and quiet, reflective times.

We stimulate learning and provide enrichment through a variety of workshops and special events in school. In 2018/19 this has included:-

African Drumming as part of our learning in Black History Month

Fire Safety

Poetry and Poppies day exploring World War Two and Remembrance Day

History Character Day

Junk Orchestra where the children play in an orchestra made from junk materials and then design and make their own ‘junk instruments’ to play in a whole school orchestra

Shakespeare Workshops exploring the Tempest and Midsummers Night Dream

Activ- Story Workshop

Forensic Science exploring ‘crime scene’ and solving the crime

Virtual Reality exploring Space and the life of an Aborigine

Our experienced and committed teachers are passionate about ensuring that each child is happy and has the confidence to complete a range of tasks and challenges. We stimulate curiosity.  Children are most receptive when they are happy. Our days are designed to be fun so that lessons are learned intuitively in an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity.



  • Dolphins Nursery 90%
  • Reception Jellyfish Class 99%
  • Reception Seahorses Class 98%
  • Year 1-Penguins Class 98%
  • Year 1-Seals Class 98%
  • Year 2-Whales Class 97%
  • Year 2-Sharks Class 97%
  • Whole School 0

Team Points

  • St Theresa 10430
  • St Patrick 9316
  • St Alban 8587
  • St Paul 10132