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''Pupils enjoy their learning in school and are eager to talk about it.

They are proud of what they do. Pupils behave well in lessons and focus on their learning. They respond promptly to requests made by their

teachers and meet the high standards expected of them. 

Leaders ensure that appropriate support is in place for all to achieve.''


Ofsted January 2022




''Pupils are safe and happy at school. Staff know pupils well and support

their well-being effectively. Pupils value the importance of being

caring to each other. Leaders have introduced the idea of ‘filling buckets with kindness’. Pupils know that bullying is not acceptable.

One pupil referred to this as ‘taking the kindness out of someone’s bucket’.

Staff deal with any concerns promptly and effectively''.


Ofsted January 2022


''Pupils achieve well and develop a deep body of knowledge. In mathematics, the curriculum includes a sharp focus on ensuring that pupils become fluent in their number and calculation knowledge. This is particularly evident in pupils’ knowledge of fractions and ordering decimals. Staff ensure that pupils have regular opportunities to practise and develop their skills in a range of subjects. For instance, in art and design, pupils presented their sketchbooks and displays around the school with great pride. Pupils enjoy visiting art galleries in London and study a wide range of artists such as Frida Kahlo and William Morris''.


Ofsted Juniors May 2023