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Together we grow in God's love

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Catholic Life and Mission


"Together We Grow and Learn in God's Love''

written by the pupils, staff and community of St Joseph's 


At St. Joseph's, our Mission Statement has been written collectively by the pupils, staff and governs at our schools. Our Mission Statement is at the heart of all that we think, do and say. Our Mission statement permeates throughout our schools and underpins our ethos of working collaboratively together. As  parents/carers, pupils, parish, governors and staff, we strive to achieve the very best for all who learn and work with, and for, our schools. We are proud to be a community where our love, compassion and deep respect for others embodies everything we do. We grow together academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually to be the very best best we can be, irrespective of race, religion, cultural or social background, or ability.


Our motto, 'Everybody is welcome' underpins our values that we are Catholic schools who welcome families of all faiths and none. At St Joseph's we believe that we are all part of God's family and our schools are rich and diverse, our staff are approachable and friendly and as schools we recognise the important role that  our parents and carers have in supporting us in working together to achieve the very best of our children.


Our core values of our school focus on high expectations for all learners, developing skills for life, encouraging good self-esteem and developing a set of core moral values based upon the teachings of Christ. These values are core to every part of our lives and are reflected in the way that we treat each other, the way that we look for every day opportunities to help those in need and in the example that we demonstrate to all those we meet.