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In order to develop our school further we work in partnership with other schools and professionals.


With the changing political landscape we have resolved to re-name our soft federation as the Aquinas Teaching and Learning Trust and will focus on sharing best practice in teaching and learning across the following school:-


St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School

St. Joseph’s Junior School

Our Lady of St. George Primary School

Holy Family Secondary School

Trinity Secondary School


There will be a series of visits to each other’s’ schools and opportunities created to work together and to collaborate.


The Aquinas Teaching and Learning Trust will

  • Jointly promote Catholic education in the local community
  • Create an even stronger sense of community and Catholic ethos
  • More effectively share good practice so that all schools improve
  • Better understand the primary/secondary transition phase
  • Help each school to make financial savings where possible by sharing information and expertise
  • Benefit staff through shared professional development
  • Benefit students by providing more opportunities to collaborate and work together
  • Better provide the mutual support and advice on which we all rely


The headteachers of each of our schools have resolved to commit to further strengthening the work that we do together in accordance with the wishes of the Bishop and the Diocesan Education Service.


We believe that we have a duty to work together for the common good and that

together we can all be stronger and work even more effectively and that the Aquinas Teaching and Learning Trust will serve our community well.



We also continue to work closely with the Boleyn Trust Teaching Alliance supporting Trainee Teachers and Newly Qualified Teachers A link to the ELA Scitt and further information is below.



Such partnerships have resulted in staff development, a review of our Science Scheme of Work and modelling of outstanding science teaching. We have also secured outstanding music provision from Holy Family Secondary School.


We believe that such partnerships offer a two way form of development for our school and staff so that we keep abreast of developments in education, see examples of outstanding practise and indeed share our own initiatives.