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Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen Came to Our School!

We’ve had the pleasure of having Michael Rosen come to our school. The children really enjoyed his story telling, especially ‘Outside toilet’ and ‘Chocolate cake’. The adults as well as the children were inspired by him. He has really helped to spread the love of reading in our school! Thank you to all the parents that came along after school to visit him.​



  • Dolphins Nursery 99.6%
  • Reception Jellyfish Class 91.8%
  • Reception Seahorses Class 94.6%
  • Year 1-Seals Class 91.2%
  • Year 1-Penguins Class 95.8%
  • Year 2-Whales Class 100%
  • Year 2-Sharks Class 99.2%
  • Whole School 0

Team Points

  • St Theresa 284
  • St Patrick 395
  • St Alban 373
  • St Paul 309