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Spring Clean

‘ Don’t Litter Leyton!’


At St. Joseph’s we care about our environment. We jumped at the chance to help clean the park with our local partners. We are nurturing tomorrow’s citizens and need a world fit for purpose. The children chatted and laughed as they used their litter pickers and made a difference.  This experience also made us think about what else we can do and as a result we have just taken over an allotment park so look out for further exciting news!



  • Dolphins Nursery 89.4
  • Reception Jellyfish Class 97.4%
  • Reception Seahorses Class 91.9%
  • Year 1-Seals Class 95.7%
  • Year 2-Whales Class 94.3%
  • Year 2-Sharks Class 90.6%
  • Whole School 0

Team Points

  • St Theresa 3355
  • St Patrick 3716
  • St Alban 3318
  • St Paul 3493